South Florida Roofing Advice: Signs That Your Gutter Needs To Be Replaced

One part of the roof that has proven to be very useful in keeping the house safe from harm is the gutter. The gutter prevents water from reaching other parts of the house and causes damage, as well as a heap of expensive repairs.

The national average cost for gutter replacement is $944, with a price range of $543 to $1,345. While that may sound hefty for some, it is a reasonable price to pay to avoid an even bigger expense that you might incur if the gutter isn’t replaced and can cause major devastation to the house.

Taking this into consideration, homeowners should be aware of its condition so that they can prevent further damage on the roof and other parts of the house from the moisture. That said, experts advise homeowners to watch out for the following indicators to know when they should replace their gutters:

Cracks, Holes, Or Rust Spots

One clear sign that you should head to your roofing repairman to get your gutters replaced is the presence of damage to it. Among the most common signs of wear for this part of the roof are cracks, holes, and rust spots. While you may consider patching up the gutter to save money, it might be more effective to avoid huge expenses by simply replacing it altogether.

Pools Of Water

Seeing pools of water near the foundation of your home might mean that the gutters are not working as they should. Gutters are meant to keep water away from the house’s foundation, so having pools of water near is a sign that you should thoroughly inspect this part of the roof. Often, this happens due to clogs, but there are also instances where in the gutter system is defective.

Gaps In The Gutters, Missing Nails, and Fasteners

Separated gutters is a major problem for homeowners because it would mean that the gutter system is not working properly. While these can be put back together by simple repairs, homeowners should decide to have their gutters replaced when this happens often.

In the same way, you may be able to put back parts of your gutter system with nails and fasteners. However, if you consistently find these things strewn all over your backyard, it may be time to contact your repairman to replace it.


If you see your gutters sagging or pulling away from the roof, it may be due to poor installation or wear. Maintaining proper pitch is important for the gutter system to function as intended so it is best to have repair it before the situation worsens. If it doesn’t seem to stay fixed, you can have it replaced to avoid water damage to your house from pills.

Mold and Signs Of Water Damage

Having molds and signs of water in the house might mean that you might need to have your gutters replaced. Since they are meant to drive moisture away from the house’s exterior, foundation, and interior seeing unwanted growths and water marks all over the premise means it is not working properly. If you see one part of the house with molds, or if it has water damage, be sure to check the fascia or downspouts for similar markings to determine if it is time to change your gutters.

Water Overflows

Aside from clogs, improper installment or sloping of the gutters might also cause water overflows. Signs of clogs include lack of water coming out of the downspouts and water overflows. The latter is also a similar sign with improperly installed or sloped gutters but with more water flowing out of the downspout. A thorough inspection of the gutter system would help you determine the real problem and, ultimately, aid in deciding if it is time to replace it altogether.

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