Roof Spring Cleaning: What to Watch For

As we enter the new year, so begins our annual project to clean house and make sure everything’s spick and span. While it’s not exactly “spring” in some parts of the country, the end of the year calls for a thorough sweep of the household. You wouldn’t want to start 2018 with a dirty home, right? The same goes for roofs.

Roofs are an oft-neglected part of the home, but should actually be high up in your priority list when it comes to doing a refresh. Having your home inspected, fixed and cleaned by roofing experts ensure that you will not have a problems with clogs and leaks in the coming months. Especially in Palm Beach, where the weather can get sunny and rainy intermittently, an annual checkup is necessary.

We rounded up Palm Beach roof experts to find out the key things we should watch out for when assessing our roofs and getting ready for spring cleaning.

Check For Missing and Damaged Parts

Hire a professional contractor to give your home a thorough inspection. You can actually do this yourself, but when it comes to spotting the potentially problematic areas, it’s best to leave the assessment to the experts. A Palm Beach roofing pro can point out issues involving shingles, chimney flashings, vents and other roof vents. He or she will also check for possible gutter damage or clogging, which when unaddressed cause rot and leaks in the future.

Moss and Mold

See that discolored streak on your roof? That could be a sign of fungus, algae or mold formation. If allowed to spread, these microbes can eat through your roofing material and cause leaks. You can treat the affected area with a copper sulfate or chlorine bleach solution using a garden sprayer. Another is to nail copper strips or zinc to the ridgeline to create an environment where algae cannot grow. Better yet, you can have your shingles replaced with algae-resistant materials so you don’t have to deal with the same problem every year.

Watch Out For The Trees< If you have trees around your house, make sure that none of their limbs are touching your roof. Branches can easily scratch or dislodge your shingles and loosen the protective coating on the materials that fight against moisture and rust. You can have a thick growth of greens but be sure to trim those areas that are likely to touch your roofs. Another issue with having trees and high plants near roofs is the collection of moisture. Dead leaves can collect in your gutters and cause mildew to form. They also put additional weight on your roof. You might not see the problem now but when the debris becomes too thick, it will eventually cause a problem. You can easily get rid of the leaves using a blower, but if they've already thickened with soil and moisture, it's best to call the professionals. Spring cleaning your roofs annually (or twice a year for some) is a necessary part of roof care. By dealing with potentially problematic points at the onset, you save yourself from the stress of a leak or a damaged roof and also from the cost of major repairs. Our Palm Beach roofing experts are happy to help you assess your roofing and find out if anything needs a refresh or fixing. Give us a call at ____.

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