Is It Time To Call The Roof Guy? Quick Fixes To Common Roof Problems

Roof repairs might seem like a grueling task, but it doesn’t mean you should call a professional roofing repairman
every single time there is a small issue. In fact, there are certain situations when the roof guy
may not be able to respond to your call for help, leaving you no choice but to deal with the problem on
your own.
Luckily, we have found some neat tips and emergency fixes that you can easily do to repair the roof
problems that homeowners usually come across.

Common Roof Issues And Quick Fixes

1. Leaking Roof
Among the most common roof issues homeowners deal with are leaks. This problem comes in different
forms and may require different fixes, but the goal remains the same: stop the leaking. The first thing
you should do is to locate the source of the leak by pinpointing the location of the water and trace it
back to the part of the roof that may have a problem.

To do this, experts advise homeowners to “think like water” and look for loose nails or shingles that are
broken, worn down, or missing. Aside from that, skylights, vents, chimneys, or intersections of roof
planes may also be the source of the leak so make sure to check which ones are closest to the water
pool from the leak.

After finding the source of the problem, one of the emergency fixes that can easily be done is to cover
the leaking portion of the roof with polyethylene sheeting that is about 6-mil heavy. This way, you will
be able to avoid further leaks when it is raining. Still, this is no permanent solution, so it is best to check
the damage further for a better fix and to know if it is time to call your trusted roof repairman.

2. Plumbing Vent Problems
Plumbing vents in the roof are also prone to have problems because it is usually made of plastic and
metal materials. If you find that this part of the roof has issues, especially ones that involve torn or
rotting vents, you can easily fix it by replacing the vent boot with a new one. If the situation involves
loose nails, you can opt to change them into screws with rubber washers.

3. Damaged Roof Vents
While it is easier to throw in caulk at the issue, home repair specialists advise homeowners to look for a
better solution to the problem. A damaged roof vent might cause a heap of problems at an even bigger
cost for a homeowner which is why experts recommend removing nails from the shingles around the
vent for you to be able to put caulk beneath them to serve as an additional water barrier.

4. Broken Shingles
Broken, worn down, or missing shingles are also considered typical roof problems that can easily be
fixed without needing to call your roof guy. When dealing with shingles, you can still protect your roof
from the weather by adding an aluminum or metal flashing beneath the loose shingle and attach it using
roofing cement. Curling shingles can easily be fixed straightening them using a heat gun. After that,

reattach it with roofing cement. If the shingle is damaged beyond repair, you should immediately
replace it to avoid further damage to the rest of the roof shingles.

Important Reminders
While doing every repair on your own is tempting to save your hard-earned cash, it is important to
remember that it can be risky, especially if you aren’t skilled and experienced in doing such a job. Before
doing the abovementioned quick fixes to your roof, make sure to heed safety precautions. If you don’t
feel confident about doing them, let the professionals do them for you. After all, you’re better safe than

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