How To Prepare Your Home For The Winter Season

Aside from accidents and fire, the weather is usually the topmost reason why our roof needs repairs.
This is why homeowners should be aware of the things they can do to avoid damages to their overhead

Taking that into consideration, we have compiled some tips to help you prepare your home for the
unforgiving cold of the winter season.

Do Preemptive Measures
“Prevention is better than cure.”

This saying, while often said for medical conditions, is also applicable for roofing maintenance, among
other things. In construction, it is important to maintain and protect the edifice to avoid repairs and
more expensive renovations.

After the winter has passed, make sure to inspect your roof for possible damages that might turn into
bigger ones. Take note of potential problem areas, like leaking and broken shingles, among others. Then,
come up with a plan that would improve these parts of your roof and act on them during warmer
seasons. This way, you won’t have to deal with it when Old Man Winter comes with his chilling ice

Keep The Gutters Clear
The gutter is one of the key parts of the roof that helps in preventing damages to your house caused by
extreme weather, so make sure you clear them up no matter what the season might be.
During winter, cleaning the gutters would prevent ice dams from forming. This way, rainwater would
continuously flow away from your house without any hitch, preventing any water damage along the
way. Doing this might also help prolong your roof’s lifespan as moisture is often considered the number
one reason why shingles waste away.

Maintain Good Insulation
Many people do not understand the importance of good insulation. Even so, experts deem it a
significant factor in keeping your roof sturdy throughout the winter because it can help prevent layers of
ice from forming on it.
Apparently, too much heat from your attic would cause snow on your roof to melt and freeze
repeatedly, causing layers of ice to form. When this happens, the roof is compromised to moisture and
would later lead to damages that require more expensive repairs and even a roof replacement.

Inspect For Necessary Small Repairs
Dealing with small repairs soon means avoiding bigger ones in the future. A small hole can turn into a
big mess if nor dealt with soon, so investing in good maintenance is necessary to protect your roof
during winter.

Moreover, these repairs can also be done during the cold season so long as the roof is dry. However, it is
still important to consider making all necessary repairs when the sun is shining as it would make it easier
and less risky to climb up your roofing system.

Remove Snow The Right Way
Removing snow is a grueling task you might be tempted to hand over to professionals. However, this
chore can easily be achieved by homeowners by themselves with the right tools.

According to experts, using readily available rakes like the ones used on your lawn might cause more
expense than they would expect. This is because this kind of rake has pointed metal teeth that can cause
damage to the shingles of your house’s roofing system. In comparison to the cost of replacing numerous
shingles damaged from using lawn rakes, investing in a light-weight roof rake might prove to be a wise
investment if you wish to maximize, if not extend, your roof's lifespan.

Remember: it is good to be frugal when it comes to roof maintenance so long as you don’t compromise
your emergency funds because of untoward incidents that may happen in the future, especially during
the winter season.

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