How To Make Your Roof Last For As Long As Possible

Prevention is better than cure and there is no better way to avoid an expensive roof replacement than keeping it in good shape. It may seem like a task not fit for the queen— or king— of the house but it is a necessity to save money. It is also an effort that you might soon consider worth exerting after you save as much as $36,000, which is the usual cost of a new roof.

Have an old house with a roof that’s already several years old? Proper maintenance could still work if you heed the following tips to make it last for as long as possible. Here are some tips.

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

The roof obviously has the least foot traffic in the entirety of the house, so the probability of you seeing a leak or damaged shingles by chance is very slim. Because of this, it is important to remember to have someone— if not yourself— inspect your home’s roof on a regular basis.

While the best way to do this is to climb up to the highest part of your house, experts revealed that the use of binoculars would be enough for you to see apparent damages on the surface level. Among the things you should keep an eye out for are  changes in the roof’s color, damaged or displaced shingles, and cluttered gutters. Of course, you should always consider inspecting it a bit closer if you see anything amiss to determine if an expert repairman is needed to fix it.

Be Prompt To Replace Missing Parts

Acting early could help you save a lot of money on roof repairs. This means you should not shrug off a small hole or a single missing shingle if you do not want further damage on your roof that might cost thousands of dollars to fix. According to professional roof contractors, a single missing shingle might significantly weaken the entire roof and cause a significantly larger problem eventually.

Rid Debris From The Gutters

Clearing the roof of leaves and other fallen debris is necessary for its maintenance because these things might get washed down the gutter, causing it to clog. A clogged gutter might lead to a number of problems, including damaged shingles. It can also lead to the growth of moss because of the excessive moisture from the water that failed to flow down.

Avoid Power Washing While Removing Moss

Removing moss is of utmost importance for homeowners who wish to extend the life of their roofing because these nasty plants often eat up the material used. On the contrary, black algae that usually grow on the roof are typically harmless even though they make the roof a bit unattractive.

Removing both growths should be easy, with the help of the right materials. To remove the black algae, simply mix a small amount of detergent or bleach with water and scrub it off. Moss, on the other hand, requires the use of potassium salts of fatty acids, instead of the usual cleaning agents that contain zinc sulfate.

Never power wash your roof, or else you risk causing damage to the shingles or tiles by forcing water into it.

Trim Branches Around The Premises

Tall trees with branches hanging over the roof might cause a wide array of problems, like scratches and punctures on the shingles. On a windy day, some of it might cause a bigger problem, especially when they break off and fall, damaging it even more.

A quick trim of overhanging branches near the roof should be enough to avoid any accidents that might damage your roof. It would also prove to be a helpful way of preventing clogged gutters because leaves will no longer be able to reach the roof and be washed down by rain.

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