How Much Does A Roofing Inspection Cost & Why You Need One

Winter time will certainly test your home’s roof unlike any other time of the year. Spring, summer, and fall have their own respective problems, but winter is the time of year wherein cold temperature compression could occur and wreck your built-in, modified-bitumen, single-ply, or metal roofing. Even roofs made of metal panels could be damaged thanks to melted snow and the foundation from which they’re nailed or screwed into.

Your roof installers should be prepared to fortify your defenses (so to speak) with the right type of roof system. But it’s possible you won’t be able to know that at a glance, which is why you should hire a roofing inspector.

Roofing Inspection Cost

The cost to hire a roof inspector depends on a few variables, but according to ImproveNet, most homeowners spend between $142 to $213 nationally. It shouldn’t be too expensive. As long as you’re not calling them during the holidays, you should be able to get an inspection without additional cost since they’re not as busy during the winter. As a homeowner, this is good news. Plus, it’s perfect timing too, because winter is exactly when you’re in need of installing a new roofing system. In a mere manner of days, you could get that contract signed and roof installed.

Why You Need a Roof Inspection

If you have a leaky roof thanks to ice dams (melted snow that refreezes at the eaves of your home), this would be the perfect time to get your roof redone properly so that it’d have some sort of Ice and Water Barrier installed that wouldn’t compromise the integrity of your roof. This should ensure that ice dams won’t make a victim out of you.

These ice dams are so damaging they could do a number of any type of roof, including the leak-susceptible metal roof or the more balanced modified-bitumen roofing. Some homeowners believe that winter conditions can make a bad roof worse. By the time spring arrives, your roof might become irreparably damaged. Don’t let this happen to you. Reinforce your roof from the get go.

Cold weather presents many problems to roofs because it brings in so many unpredictable factors. Aside from ice dams, your roof will have to deal with cold temperature compression. Your shingles could contract and expand every day and every night as the temperature changes suddenly every time, producing cracks and leaks as well due to all the fluctuations. You need an inspection to acknowledge these problems pronto.

More Tips When it Comes to Roofing

Winter time is the perfect time to deal with replacing your roof. Would you rather do it in the summer, where every last shingle is as hot as a hot plate, as in hot enough to fry an egg? You can save money by taking advantage of a slow time for roofers, and during the holidays is the slowest time for them. Most people would rather install new roofs during spring (which makes sense, there are clear skies and the roof isn’t as hot as a frying pan).

Spring is also better than fall for re-covering or installation because you won’t have to deal with cleaning out foliage. When it comes to winter roofing, it’s the perfect date for the budget conscious. Don’t let the prospect of shovelling snow on your roof keep you from having a new roof installed.

You’re going to get huge savings by going the winter route, especially in the first few weeks of winter, when the snow is light instead of heavy and Christmas is still a few weeks away. Putting on a new roof or re-roofing is an expensive home improvement project, so if you can save money for it, then do so.

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