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Palm Beach Roofing Expert favorite way of giving new like to older residential or commercial buildings is providing tear off services and installing new roofing shingles on top. This can be done any time and any place that it is needed, and is a great way to renovate! There is nothing more beautiful than a home with brand new metal roofing that shines in the sunlight and also helps to save on energy costs.

Here in Florida, a good choice for aesthetic as well as long term durability is tile roof shingles. They’re such a wise choice because the only big downside is that they can be susceptible to damage in areas that suffer from extreme hot and cold climate changes. Before considering roofing of this type, we will have to perform an inspection of the building to make sure that it can withstand the additional weight of this very durable type of roofing material.

-As a roof ages, leaks can occur that need to be patched. This can happen regardless of the type of roofing material used, from slate and wood shake shingles all the way to higher tech materials such as Thermoplastic single-ply membranes. We’ve been keeping roofs over the heads of many local homes and businesses for years, and have the right technicians for the job, no questions asked. Hail is also a potential problem here in Texas, and we regularly perform hail damage repair services here in Palm Beach.

Why Us? Palm Beach Roofing Expert

-If you decide that you want to capitalize on the savings of not having to remove the entire layer of roofing shingles, we can provide what is called a roofing overlay. This is where the previous layer of shingles (generally made of asphalt) is not removed, and a new layer is simply laid over top of the existing roofing materials. It is also referred to as a recover. We do not advise this however, as there is no way of knowing if there is any damage being covered up by the newer roofing. It is still an option though in cases of emergency.

We are so proud of the work we do that in the unlikely event we do make a mistake, we will rectify it immediately…, no questions asked. That policy, in addition to our lifetime warranty on workmanship, makes a powerful statement about our quality focus. That focus has not gone unnoticed; we are the best roofing contractor in Palm Beach

There are two elements to your roofing project – materials and personnel – and Professional Roofing Services shines on both counts. We consistently research new products to ensure we offer the latest and best solutions, and our certified installers are second-to-none with respect to their workmanship.

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