5 Things You Need To Do To Protect Your Roof In Autumn

The fall of leaves during autumn may seem like an insignificant thing for some, but homeowners who care for their roofs and wish for it to have a longer lifespan see it as a sign that things need to be done to protect it. Sure, leaves are not as damaging to the structure as snow or rainfall, but it is a clear sign that winter is coming.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled some important tasks you need to add to your Autumn to-do list to protect your roof and keep it in its optimum condition.

1. Get Rid Of Overhanging Branches

Autumn is a good time to trim the trees surrounding your home because it is the season when these growths tend to lean more towards the structure. As leaves start falling, branches close by might also start to break and cause damages to your roofing.

Taking this into consideration, make sure to trim overhanging branches of trees surrounding your house to avoid any untoward incidents. Doing this during the onset of fall would also help in decreasing the leaves that may clutter your roof and clog the gutters.

2. Clear The Gutters

During the autumn time, the gutters are filled up with leaves that fall from trees nearby. Make sure to check this part of your roofing system regularly to avoid clogging that impedes water flow when the rain comes.

It is important to keep your roof dry through a properly functioning gutter system because moisture can lead to the unwanted growths like moss and molds that can cause cracking and other damages to the roof in the long-run.

3. Have Gutter Guards Installed

Aside from regular inspection, experts also advise homeowners to have gutter guards installed.  Doing so would not only lessen chances of the gutters getting clogged, but also minimizes the time and effort spent in cleaning them regularly in the fall. The best part is, gutter guard installation can be done by experts for a relatively affordable price.

Gutter guards are small caps that cover most of the gutter system while still allowing water to continuously flow through it, thanks to the small holes on it. After letting water pass through, gutter guards keep bigger debris at bay. With this, leaves and smaller branches that fall from the trees are gathered and can easily be blown away once they have gone dry.

4. Have A Pre-Winter Inspection

Because it is the season before winter, autumn is considered as the best time to prepare for the coming chill and snow. In fact, experts advise homeowners to make sure that they have a thorough inspection of their roofing during this time of the year to make necessary preparations and repairs to avoid having to go through the grueling task whilst snowing.

Here are some of the most important things you should look out for:

  • Any debris or damage in the gutters
  • Open seams, cracks, and damages, especially on a single-ply roof
  • Signs of wear on the flashing such as cracks and splits
  • Missing or damaged shingles

5. Make Pre-emptive Repairs And Apply Protective Coatings

After determining which parts of the roofing system need attention, it is time to make preemptive repairs to prevent the damage from getting worse. Doing this in autumn is probably the best course of action not only because it is the season before winter, but also since there are only occasional downpours during this time.

After making sure that everything is in good shape, experts advise homeowners to give their roof some additional protection by applying rubber-like coatings known as elastomeric roof coatings. Doing so would seal the roof effectively and might even extend its lifespan by a decade.



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