5 Signs That Will Tell You It’s Time To Call The Roof Repairman

Maintaining and repairing the roof appears to be one of the most boring tasks any homeowner is bound to undergo, in contrast to planning a kitchen improvement or a living room upgrade. Even so, finishing this task is of utmost importance if you wish to continue having a roof over your head— literally.

Because of the extensive attention needed for other repairs, not to mention the amount of cash disbursed for monthly bills and daily expenses, maintenance of the roof is often pushed to the back seat. This often leads to deteriorating conditions of this part of your home and, eventually, to a bigger expenditure.

To avoid having the need for a new roof, here are five easy-to-spot signs you should look out for to determine if it is time to call the roof repairman.

1. Roof Shingle Condition

The condition of the shingles, or the roof covering that consists of overlapping elements, is one of the best indicators if it’s time to call a professional repairman. A quick trip to the roof would help the homeowner see if this part of the roofing is already damaged or has been worn over time.

Home improvement specialists say that shingles that show signs of cracking or curling should already be replaced. In the same way, a homeowner should immediately call the repairman if there are missing pieces of this roofing element. Dirty and wet shingles are also a sign that they are not in their best condition and might need to be changed as well. A darker hue than its original color indicates that the shingles are starting to break from the weathering the ever-changing climate.

Without even going up the roof, a homeowner can also tell whether the shingles are already in bad shape if he sees bits and pieces, which look a lot like asphalt granules, in the gutters.

2. Worn Out Roof Openings and Sagging Decks

When your home’s roof deck is already sagging, it is important to call a professional to have it repaired immediately. Openings on and around the roof, such as the chimneys, pipes, vents, and others, should also be checked regularly to avoid the need for a bigger, more expensive fix later on.

3. Blistering Exterior Paint and Staining On The Walls

The home’s exterior paint can also become an indicator when to call the repairman to have the roof fixed. Experts say that blisters and stains that appear on the house’s exterior mean excessive moisture is getting into your home and that your roof is not doing its job well. Be observant about the subtle changes in the paint color and texture so that you can avoid the bigger expense of replacing your roof altogether.

4. Brighter Attic and Leaks During Storms

Seeping light and leaking water is an obvious sign that your roof is in bad shape because it means that there are already holes in it. While minute holes and minimal leaks can be easily fixed by a quick DIY repair, a bigger hole or countless small ones might require a complete roof replacement.

5. Higher Electricity Bills

Believe it or not, a spike in your electricity bill can be a sign that you need to repair or replace your roof. This is because air conditioning units and heaters require more power if the cold or warm air is leaking. Aside from the usual openings, like the windows and doors, the roof also keeps the air circulating inside from escaping, so the sudden need for these appliances to work double-time means that there might be a leak in your roof.


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