5 Roofing Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

Summertime is best known for vacations and getaways from people’s busy schedules, but did you know that it is also an important time to prepare for an intense change in the weather?

Since summer comes with temperatures that are sky-high, it is imperative for homeowners to deal with things overhead not only to help beat the heat but also to keep their roofs sturdy enough to endure the balmy weather. We have listed down five important roofing tips homeowners should keep in mind during summer time:

Prepare Your Attic

No matter what the weather, the attic is typically overlooked since there isn’t that much foot traffic going on there. However, experts explained that this part of the house closest to the roof is actually very important in maintaining a cool, tolerable temperature during the intense summer heat.

During the summer season, the attic’s temperature reaches as high as 150 degrees. This may not seem like a problem to some since they don’t spend much time in this part of their abode anyway. But did you know that the high temperature of the attic can actually affect the house’s air conditioning system? Probably not.

According to roofing specialists, keeping the attic cool through proper insulation during summer serves a greater purpose as it would also help maintain the circulation of cold air from the air conditioner inside the house.

Ensure Vent Pipes and Gutters Are Clean

Like the attic, vents should also be maintained during summer time. Obviously, this is to ensure that the house is properly ventilated which both reduces moisture in the air and prevents a build-up of heat in the attic and the rest of the house.

Experts also advise homeowners to keep their roof’s gutters clean to prevent blockage of water flow and, ultimately, avoid roof damage. Since it’s mostly sunny during this time of the year, make sure to take advantage of it by checking the gutters and vent pipes, especially after a storm.

Check For Mold and Moss

Since moss usually thrives in hot weather, it is important to check your roof for these unwanted growths to avoid damage. This is because moss and molds cause moisture and rot for roofs that are composed of shingles or shakes.

Some roof specialists recommend changing the roofing material altogether, especially for homeowners who live in places with balmy weather. Metal roof sheets are known to be better at enduring moss and molds that may cause roof damage that can lead to expensive repairs.

See If There Are Any Damages

It is always good to check your home’s roofing for any changes or damages like missing shingles, cracks, or dents. Doing this regularly, especially during summer time when typhoons and storms don’t usually occur, would help extend your roof’s lifespan.

Also, taking pictures when you inspect your roof is a great way of determining natural alterations in this part of your house. This way, you would be able to see both minor and major changes in your roof and act on them before they get worse.

Check For Pests And Their Potential Entry Ways

During your inspections, make sure that there aren’t any possible entryways for pests like rats, termites, and other small creatures to avoid possible damages in your roof as well as other parts of the house. Like humans, these minute animals also need to find shelter from the extreme heat from the summer sun which is why they usually scour for crevices and small openings on your roof. When this happens, you might find yourself with a heap of additional expenses for roof repair since these persistent creatures do not know how to avoid destroying people’s properties to achieve their goal.

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