5 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Roofing Contractor Before Hiring

Hiring a professional roof contractor should never be treated so lightly because hiring the wrong one
might cause more trouble than their services are worth. Being critical about this matter is important for
you to choose a trustworthy group of roof professionals to build or repair your home’s overhead

Question #1: Do you have a license? May I have a copy of it?
The first thing a responsible homeowner should ask a roofing contractor is if they are licensed to do the
job. While it may be different for every state, most areas in the United States require contractors to
have a license in their respective states before accepting jobs.

However, it is important to note that different states have varying codes, so it is best to do some
research on this matter to see which one is applicable to your area. Also, make sure that the contractor
you would potentially hire is up to date on their license. This way, you will be able to remove unlicensed
contractors from your list of candidates and avoid having to sign a contract with them for your own

Question #2: What insurances do you have?
The second most important thing you should know before hiring a roofing contractor is their insurance
coverage. This question, while general, covers two things: the general liability insurance and the
workman’s compensation insurance.

General liability insurance serves as your protection against spending for possible damages that the
contractor and their workers’ might incur while working on your roof. Meanwhile, the workman’s
compensation insurance covers their employees during cases when injury while they are doing their job
on your property.

While different, it is important to remember that both insurances are intended to protect the
homeowner from additional expenses in case untoward incidents happen. It’s better to be safe than
sorry, so make sure your roofing contractor have both before you sign an agreement with them.

Question #3: What are your physical office address and contact number?
Knowing the physical office address and contact number of a potential roofing contractor is important
to determine the legitimacy of the company. According to experts in the field, contractors who work out
of a P.O. box address is considered a red flag because it might mean that the company might not be

Apparently, contractors travel from place to place— especially to areas that were hit by hurricanes and
other devastating natural disasters— to scout for more jobs. While this may not be a good thing at first,
hiring a roofing contractor that is not from your locality might make it difficult for you to contact them
later if there is any problem with the structure they worked on.

Question #4: How long have you been in the industry?
A homeowner determining the experience of a roofing contractor in the industry is almost the same as
an employer asking the employee before hiring him. Through this, the employer would be able to know
how skilled the person they are hiring for a specific job.
Based on specialists in the field, it is important to hire someone who has “seen it all,” so that they would
be able to properly deal with the damages on your roof as well as other circumstances that may come to
pass in the duration of your contract.

Question #5: How do you intend to fix my roof?
A good roofing contractor should be able to provide a detailed proposal to the homeowner seeking their
services. This way, you would be able to see the things they are planning to do to your roof and your
home and contest anything that you do not like. It would also show you how thorough the contractor is
with details that can be significant to the success of your home renovation or repair.

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