5 Best Modern Roofing Designs: Which One Is The Right For Your Home?

Deciding on what kind of roof your new home would have may seem like a task for a licensed professional. While there may be the experts on this, it is still important for every homeowner to know the different kinds of roofing available. It also matters to know the different advantages and disadvantages because a homeowner will have the final say in everything that involves the house where a family will be raised.

Thanks to advancement in architecture, there are a lot of roofing designs you could choose from. From conventional to unorthodox designs, the choices can be overwhelming. Taking this into consideration, it is important to consult with an expert— be it an architect or engineer— before deciding what kind of roof your home should have. Choose a roof that suits the neighborhood and, more importantly, your home design and needs.

Keeping these in mind, we have compiled five best modern roofing designs you can choose from. We’ve also included several things you should know about them to help you decide which is the right one for your home.

Flat Roof

While it is commonly incorporated in industrial and commercial edifices, flat roofs can also be used in residential structures and houses. As the name implies, this kind of roof design is characterized by the absence of a pitch or a shallow one, with an angle of only 1 or 2 degrees.

One of the advantages of this roofing design is its aesthetic, especially if it is incorporated with a hipped roof. It can also be used in extensions of the house such as garages and porches. However, one major disadvantage of this modern-style roof is the risk of water or snow damage. This is because the absence or lack of pitch doesn’t allow snow shedding and water flow which can cause damage to the roof.

Gable Roof

Gable roofs are considered the simplest and arguably the most common of all roof designs to date. While it is typically used in conventional designs, modern houses have also incorporated this kind of roofing style because it can be matched with a lot of different architectural innovations.

Characterized by a shape that looks a lot like an upside down “V,” the gable roof design is advantageous for homeowners who reside in a neighborhood that see a lot of snow and rainfall since its shape allows for easy shedding of debris that falls onto the roof. It also provides better ventilation to houses that have attics.

However, this kind of roof design may not be good for houses located in areas that see a lot of hurricanes since it doesn’t fare well against strong winds and might collapse during extreme weather.

Hip Roof

Cottages and bungalows usually have hipped roofing— a design that has long been used in the United States. With its four sloping sides, this kind of roof is considered as one of the most durable ones in terms of weathering powerful winds, strong rains, and continuous snowfall. Aesthetically, it also gives off a grandiose feel to houses, no matter the architectural design it may have.

But while this may be the ideal roofing for any climate, homeowners who are a little short in the budget might want to reconsider because of the high cost of installation it entails.

Mansard Roof

The mansard roofing style is known in French Renaissance architecture and is usually used in apartment buildings with only one or two floors. It is characterized by four sloping sides and has no gables. This allows homeowners the additional living space in the area where the attic is usually constructed in. However, building this kind of roofing design is a challenge to many builders, making it an expensive choice.

Lean-To Roof

The lean-to roof is an unorthodox design that has gained popularity because of its modern aesthetic. It is typically used in extensions of the home such as a sunroom and home office. However, many architects are starting to use it as the overhead protection to the main structure of the house for its added aesthetic. It is typically built using affordable materials and has different variations, depending on the house design.

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